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Alongside having a scientific brain and being good at maths and quantitative subjects as such, it is incredibly vital that your child is able to display their creative side. This Ant Game is a brilliant output for any child, or even adult for that matter.

The aim of the game is to create your own ant farms by putting up ant hills on the paths of which ants will follow in different directions. It is a very easy ant games, a game which teaches the child what an ant is and what an ant farm is. The parents may know that ants are one of the few insects which follow by order, they have, just like bees, a hierarchical system in place and are hard-workers! Which your child will hopefully grow up to become… not an ant, but a hard-worker.

The game develops your child’s creative ability as they are able to place the ant hills wherever they may wish. They are the commanders and controllers of which way they want these ants to travel and to which anthill. This will allow your child to also understand coordination and the aspect of direction. They will learn how to take control in a situation where things may have the ability to go very wrong and they will have a lot of fun in creating the different shapes and pathways for the ants to travel on. From initials and letters through to shapes and signs, the ant farm is their oyster.

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