Cake Games For Kids

We all love Birthdays and Birthday cakes! They are joyous occasions where everyone gets to enjoy themselves with their friends and family. What is your child’s favourite cake flavour? Is it chocolate, or maybe strawberry?

This game gives your child a wide bunch of options, from the amount of candles and colours to the different icing objects they want on their cake! They are spoilt for choice when it comes to this cake however this game will definitely spark their creativity once they get stuck in.

Cake games are always a lot of fun and we here at Duckie Deck aim to do just that – let your child learn through having fun. This game will teach your child and provide them with the ability to develop and expand on their imaginative flair. They will themselves take complete control and place on their cake what they want and what they think is aesthetically pleasing to them. Alongside the kids polishing up on their visual-motor skills, they will also display and show you what kind of a creative person they are and what kinds of colours and designs they are into.

They may even want to actually bake a real cake after playing this game. This cake game is one which will help them with their perspective on cooking and baking. They will see them as fun activities which aren’t simply for girls at all. These are platforms for your child to portray their creative choices and for your child to take control and find their individual personalities.

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Logical thinking is one of the most important and fundamental skills which every human being uses and requires in their life. The earlier they are able to grasp this, and the earlier they act upon this, the faster they will apply them to their action and thoughts. This building game is the perfect game to help your child with their logical method of thinking. It asks the child to build the oil rig from scratch. So the ship pulls up with all the parts, and the child is to click and drag the right pieces to their correct places.