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This is a game which will help your child broaden their knowledge when the question of ‘inductive’ arises. This farm game requires the child to pick which food the cow is to graze on and in which order, however in this game, the child is not given the control of the order.

Here at Duckie Deck, all our games are fun. We aim to put a smile on your child’s face but we also understand that they are to learn through the use of discipline and order whilst having fun and being enthusiastic. Learning and educating is never boring when we are here! The child has no control over the order in which the cow eats his food, and this will teach the player the concept of rationality and order. They will develop the ability to draw a line when needed. They may want the cow to eat the roses first but the cow refuses to and instead sits down, much like children themselves moaning when they are unhappy! They will create within them the ability to self-reflect and realise that you have to please others to get what you want; whether that be a cow in the field or your mother at dinner time! It is important to follow important steps to understand what the cow needs. Alongside helping them, it will also increase their imaginary skills and creative ability to think freely and experiment with what exactly a cow likes to eat and why so.

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This game is a brilliantly advanced game for the children to play. It is one which reaps countless benefits, from the comprehending of others’ needs to logical thinking and skills. This game has many parts to it, and the first part is to match what is in the bubble/dream of the character to the objects in front of them. Another part of the game is to click on the environmental factors in play here. The light switches on, the cat pops out and the plant shakes and gives off a little jingle.