Color Matching

This Color Matching exercise is a bundle of fun! The aim of this game is for the child to match the crayons and organise them into their correct positions and slots. Somebody has messed up the table and now the crayons are everywhere! It is up to the player to organise this mess into something presentable.

This game will help your child with their classification skills. It will train them in their ability to recognise ad match the specific colours to their specific places. This game is a very important and clever game as it also teaches your child the concept of discipline and cleanliness. Children, by nature are messy characters! They love to create a mess and get stuck into things so it is important to show them that how important it is to become organised and clean – better yet, let them teach themselves and have fun whilst they’re at it.

That’s what we’re here for! This Duckie Deck color matching game will help your child understand this concept. Alongside training them in their ability to recognise colours, this game will also lay the foundations for the children to become less messy and more organised. Especially if they fell like these crayons are theirs.

This is why we want them to take control in these games, needless to say with some guidance. However, ultimately they must feel like they have accomplished something, like they have achieved something all on their own. This is encouraging and fun and will cause them to want to learn more.

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Memory Games

Memory games are very simple and fun games which may come across as exactly that at first. Just simple fun, however do not be deceived as it is games like these which lay the foundation for your child to build upon. When children are young, their minds are pure and clean, the minds are not polluted with the stress of the world. Therefore they are able to pick things up quicker – they are like sponges, absorbing everything that is in front of them. That is the reason why it is easier for children to pick up and learn an instrument or a language when they are younger. Due to the simple fact that their memories are a blank canvas and they can easily apply themselves.