Digger Games

Every little boy dreams to be at the excavator’s controls and harness the great power that this machine holds. This machine is a colossal piece of equipment which the boys are going to love playing with. There are a load of games for the girls so we thought that it’s time to give the boys a go!

This game requires that the player click on the screen, then use the arrow buttons to navigate their way around meanwhile picking up the soil and mud and putting it into the back of the working truck. Once this gets full, the truck drives off to offload and returns with an empty carrier for the child to put more in.

Not only does this game help increase the computer skills of the child, but it also teaches them how the art of excavation actually works. This digger game reflects and shows them the process of digging and the steps which are taken to do this. (The health and safety of it all is a lesson for the future!).

A child playing this game will learn how to move about using the arrows but they will also begin asking clever, intuitive and educational questions. Questions about the digger may include ones like ‘Why does the digger not have normal wheels?’ or ‘Why does it only take three scoops?’ – These are the types of questions which, when answered correctly, can be of brilliant benefit and use as they will understand the reasons and not just simply play the game without any understanding. It is important that they understand everything they are doing, as this will have a much more lasting effect on them.

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Memory games are very simple and fun games which may come across as exactly that at first. Just simple fun, however do not be deceived as it is games like these which lay the foundation for your child to build upon. When children are young, their minds are pure and clean, the minds are not polluted with the stress of the world. Therefore they are able to pick things up quicker – they are like sponges, absorbing everything that is in front of them. That is the reason why it is easier for children to pick up and learn an instrument or a language when they are younger. Due to the simple fact that their memories are a blank canvas and they can easily apply themselves.