Vehicles Game

Maybe your child wants to become a vehicle designer? Is your kid a practical one who likes to get stuck into things? Or does he make and break things up? If so then this is the perfect game for them. This Vehicles Game is a brilliant game which will teach your child skills of analysis and will show them what certain vehicles consist of, even if it is a caveman-mobile!

Alongside being a great way to teach your child some history, it is also a very technically gifted game. Sticking with the history side of this vehicle game, this play will take your child through many epochs of time. From the beginning of time, with characters like the caveman all the way through to the early twentieth century and the modern day with our modern vehicles. The task for the child is to match the correct drivers to the correct vehicles, which will then cause the driver to zoom away in their vehicle!

Putting the history lesson aside, it is important to consider how your child will go about matching up the correct vehicles and drivers. Therefore as a parent, you will see your child pick up on many important points. He or she will begin to absorb and analyse the surroundings before making their personal decision. The methodology of ‘trial and error’ will be a rare method once they get used to analysing the games. They will make clever and calculating decisions as they develop their abilities through playing our games.

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This game is a brilliantly advanced game for the children to play. It is one which reaps countless benefits, from the comprehending of others’ needs to logical thinking and skills. This game has many parts to it, and the first part is to match what is in the bubble/dream of the character to the objects in front of them. Another part of the game is to click on the environmental factors in play here. The light switches on, the cat pops out and the plant shakes and gives off a little jingle.