History For Kids

History is a very important subject which is incredibly interesting and has many lessons to teach both the adults and the children. This game is basically history for kids. It is very interactive games that will help kick-start a streak of curiosity with many benefits at the end.

The aim of this game is to match the correct professional or the correct character to its stereotypical surroundings. So for example, the Ancient Egyptian will be clicked once the pyramids appear as a backdrop; the policeman will appear when the streets pop up on the screen. The first lesson that this game will teach the children about history is the most obvious and straightforward one – the lesson of visual matching. It will teach them how to use the computer and mouse to match up the characters with their settings.

Once they have grasped the concept of matching up correctly, they will begin asking questions with regards to the actual characters and what makes them be placed where they are. So, why does the Egyptian have to be with the pyramids? What is the association there? Here is where the adults should help and provide guidance, teaching them the basics about history. They will undoubtedly learn a lot at school however there is never any harm in learning more. They will be intrigued by the different outfits; from the armour of the knight to the beard of the pirate! The fact they will want know shows how we at Duckie Deck love to ignite their educational flame and help them learn things which will help them in their outer lives.

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This may come across as a simply game for kids however do not be deceived. This game has many elements within its infrastructure which will allow your child to play, learn and implement their knowledge in all walks of life. This game is one of many foundational games which will help your child develop fundamental skill-sets such as visual-motor coordination. To begin with, it is vital to get to grips with any sort of coordination, whether that is hand-eye or visual-motor – they are important tools to have, especially as a child.