Face Painting Games

This is a very thriving and interactive game which allows your child to explore and experiment with the face! Now, that may sound very concerning at first but there is nothing to worry about at all. If anything, it will enhance many traits which are important for your child to learn - from hand-eye coordination skills to their creative output and expressions.

Objectives of this game are pretty straightforward. The child is let loose and allowed to paint the face of whichever character they choose – whether the boy or the girl. There is an array of options from which your child can choose from. Options such as different coloured paints, accessories such as moustaches and spectacles and we’re sure they will probably use their innovative abilities to create some accessories of their own using the tools available.

We always encourage creativity here at Duckie Deck and believe it is an integral part towards the make-up of any child’s personality. Therefore we provide games like this face-painting game which helps your child explore and understand themselves. Through this game-play, they will enjoy themselves thoroughly and also understand the human face a lot more. When they are toddlers, the face in itself may come as a mysterious and intriguing part of their bodies which they will want to know more about. By playing this face-painting game, they will realise that you can be creative even with your face, so long as you take care around the eyes and the mouth… oh, and the nose!

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