Garden Games

This game is a very fun and creative game which will expand your child’s agricultural knowledge as well gardening knowledge. Gardening, not in the practical sense, but more so from a scientific context.

With the proper aid of us parents, it will teach the child the routine of gardening and how the soil and the plants work hand-in-hand. How the person plants such flowers after digging up the soil and letting them grow. The child will be provided with the opportunity to discover and learn the names of all the flowers – they will be able to place images with names and understand exactly which plant is which.

From a less scientific viewpoint, and a more creative one (which is just as important), the child is given the freedom to design. This garden is their garden; they are the designer, the curator and the manufacturer. The child is provided with the liberty of making this place look as wonderful or as dull as they want – which again, like other games will teach the parents more about how the children work and their patterns of thinking.

The vocabulary of the player will also increase and they will be able to show these skills off both in school and as they grow up. When a little more mature, they will completely develop the understanding of how the plants work, why they work in a certain way and what makes them different o us as human beings… is there really much difference?

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building games for kids

Building Games

Logical thinking is one of the most important and fundamental skills which every human being uses and requires in their life. The earlier they are able to grasp this, and the earlier they act upon this, the faster they will apply them to their action and thoughts. This building game is the perfect game to help your child with their logical method of thinking. It asks the child to build the oil rig from scratch. So the ship pulls up with all the parts, and the child is to click and drag the right pieces to their correct places.