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Every child loves ice cream so if you find that your child is absolutely crazy about ice cream then they are certainly no exception. The primary aim of this game is entertainment. This game is designed to simply allow your child to virtually eat this ice-cream, pretend they are full and start all the way from the beginning again! Do not be alarmed if they ask for ice cream once they have finished playing this game. Even the adults may want a scoop after watching their kids play this!

It is a simple and easy game which requires the clicking of the mouse. A very easy game where your child will enhance their mouse-clicking skills and see what biting does to food. They will understand that you have to break down your food, whether that is ice cream or their favourite dinner! It is important to eat the food in small bites, so it becomes easier to digest. This is the secondary aim of this game. We provide games where your child can play enjoy and learn at the same time. This is a very simple game and may come across as completely unbeneficial; however it will lay down many foundational ideas.

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Simple Games

Simple Games for kids

This may come across as a simply game for kids however do not be deceived. This game has many elements within its infrastructure which will allow your child to play, learn and implement their knowledge in all walks of life. This game is one of many foundational games which will help your child develop fundamental skill-sets such as visual-motor coordination. To begin with, it is vital to get to grips with any sort of coordination, whether that is hand-eye or visual-motor – they are important tools to have, especially as a child.