Piggy Bank

The concept of saving money is one which everyone will be familiar with. Almost everybody will understand that to buy things which you want, you need money. To have enough money, you will need to save a little. Therefore the earlier your child understands this idea of saving, the better their understanding will develop. Through playing this game, they will grasp the concept of piggy banks and how they work.

This is a very simple game which requires only the clicking of the mouse. It will help your kid with their mouse-clicking skills and skills of judgement. This is because as the game progresses, they themselves will be able to judge when the piggy bank is going to break. The best part of this game is done in typical Duckie Deck fashion. We like our players to keep smiling and keep coming back; hence we like to keep them curious. In this game, every time the bank is broken, a new item of play is available! This will teach your child that they will have to learn how to save to get, not only the one toy, but all kinds of different toys! They will develop these skills of association and grow up hopefully to be good savers and wise with their money.

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Memory Games

Memory games are very simple and fun games which may come across as exactly that at first. Just simple fun, however do not be deceived as it is games like these which lay the foundation for your child to build upon. When children are young, their minds are pure and clean, the minds are not polluted with the stress of the world. Therefore they are able to pick things up quicker – they are like sponges, absorbing everything that is in front of them. That is the reason why it is easier for children to pick up and learn an instrument or a language when they are younger. Due to the simple fact that their memories are a blank canvas and they can easily apply themselves.