Drawing Games

To develop your child’s creative ability, this is one of the most interactive and involving game. This game requires your child to draw up and create a complete face providing all the control to your child. The child is able to portray their own choices and their own creative ability, from the size and shape of the eyes to the positioning and expression of the lips.

Your child may feel like an artist one day, with the inspiration of Picasso grasping their thoughts! This game is an incredibly inquisitive and fun game which will help your child with facial recognition, visual-motor skills and shape recognition and matching. These are important skills which will train your child in many aspects of their life, from academic processes to extra-curricular activities which may involve friends and family.

As mentioned with other games, to have and develop a child’s creative side is just as integral as helping them with their calculative and mathematical side. As this game provides for your child a platform on which they have complete control, they will come to enjoy and create a bond specifically with this game. This drawing game comes with a variety of options, under all the main ideas. So under the moustaches, it has many different options; under the eyes section, you have many drawing ideas.

At Duckie Deck, we aim to provide a smile. All our games are fun and educative in every way.

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Building Games

Logical thinking is one of the most important and fundamental skills which every human being uses and requires in their life. The earlier they are able to grasp this, and the earlier they act upon this, the faster they will apply them to their action and thoughts. This building game is the perfect game to help your child with their logical method of thinking. It asks the child to build the oil rig from scratch. So the ship pulls up with all the parts, and the child is to click and drag the right pieces to their correct places.