Seasons For Kids

As well as the children developing their visual-motor skills and many other skills, it is very useful for the child to understand time-orientation. By training your child’s time-orientation skills you will find that your children are more alert to the seasonal changes, they will become more aware of the changes in time and how this may affect their lives. This ‘seasons for kids’ game never loses its vibrant touch.

The game requires your child to arrange the quarters of the picture into one cohesive frame. When the correct seasons are matched up, the picture becomes completely alive and displays the on goings and associations this particular season. For example, when the summer season is completed, the clouds start to move, the birds begin the nest, and the colours become a lot more attractive. However, when the winter season is complete for example, the child is able to see that the snow has covered everything. The birds are gone, the houses are covered, the clouds and sky are white, and the colours (still very nice) aren’t as lively and aesthetically pleasing as the summer time.

By clicking through these different frames to create the seasons, the player will understand a great deal. He/she will see how the different seasons work and how the whole world changes according to these four concepts. They will use their associative knowledge and associate each season with times of the year when events in their personal lives may have happened. This game caries many benefits and will thoroughly help the child in both it’s nurture and nature.

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