Kitchen games

From vacuuming through to cooking through to mathematics, these games are fun, vibrant and educational games for both the parents and the children. This Toaster Game is a very simple game which teaches the player how to use a toaster.

You may ask why a child needs to learn how to use a toaster but how are there many people that you know who do not know how to use a toaster? Everyone is capable of using a toaster, so why not teach the child earlier through fun methods? They will love it!

This kitchen game provides the children with a platform to practice their time-keeping skills, as well as cooking skills. By using the timer and watching the numbers go down, they will find themselves counting along, waiting for the bread to turn into toast. The colours which change are also significant – every aspect of this game is significant towards teaching and developing the skill-sets and potential within your child. The colours will symbolise that it is getting hotter, and it is this heat which turns the bread from normal bread into delicious toast!

They will understand the science behind it as heating the toast on minimum power will take the longest whilst heating on maximum power will take the shortest. As well as developing time orientation, the game also teaches the child what cooking and baking is; two very important factors which will inevitably play a role within their current and future lives. Whether it is cooking toast or baking a beautiful birthday cake.

Other similar games

building games for kids

Building Games

Logical thinking is one of the most important and fundamental skills which every human being uses and requires in their life. The earlier they are able to grasp this, and the earlier they act upon this, the faster they will apply them to their action and thoughts. This building game is the perfect game to help your child with their logical method of thinking. It asks the child to build the oil rig from scratch. So the ship pulls up with all the parts, and the child is to click and drag the right pieces to their correct places.