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When your child is learning about becoming an eco-friendly person, they will need to know where to start. They will have to understand how the process works, from the beginning – and the first step is to learn how to segregate their toys and rubbish into the correct places when throwing them away.

There are appropriate containers for metal, plastic and paper; it is therefore a great game which will teach this to your child and help them implement it into their own lives. The aim of this game is for the child to learn how to differentiate through clicking on their toys and breaking them up into pieces to place in their correct boxes. Alongside teaching your child the intricacies of recycling, they will learn how to develop order in their actions. They will develop their ability to organise and arrange things into clear sections helping them become more efficient workers when they grow up.

A recycling game like this is a unique one of its type. It reflects real life situations where they will grow out of their toys and will have to learn how to segregate them into useful boxes for recycling. It is a game which will help them with the skills of analysis and their ability to conclude using their own intuition.

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